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Cause Collective Lincoln

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About Us

Cause Collective strengthens nonprofits to better serve the community through collaboration, education and advocacy.

Nonprofits inspire a vibrant, thriving and compassionate community where all residents have equal opportunity.

Our Diversity Statement:

Cause Collective affirms its commitment to human diversity, equity and inclusion. We

encourage mutual respect and understanding among people of all abilities, ethnicities, cultures,

races, generations, religions, sexual orientations and gender identities. We recognize that true

excellence in organizations and communities results from identifying, serving, and enlisting the

participation of people who represent a diversity of experiences.

We urge member agencies to provide services to, and with equal respect for, those of all

abilities, ethnicities, cultures, races, generations, religions, sexual orientations and gender

identities, and economic status; and to recruit staff and board members who represent

diverse populations.


We believe this commitment to be our responsibility as a professional organization which plays

an integral leadership role in the community and future of this City.


Projects and Events Coordinator





Rhonda Mattingly, President
Executive Director, Bridges To Hope, 3107 S. 6th St., #107, Lincoln, NE | 402.420.5696


Shannon Seim, J.D., President-Elect
Attorney / Volunteer Lawyers Project | 402.610.2324


Kiley Wiechman, Treasurer   
CPA, HBE, 1740 Stephanie Lane, Lincoln, NE | 402.441.4353


Sheila Dorsey-Vinton, Secretary
Executive Director, Asian Community & Cultural Center, 144 N. 44th St. Ste. A,  Lincoln, NE | 402.477.3446


Tauni Waddington, At-Large Member
Executive Director, WICS – 1235 D St., Lincoln, NE | 402.477.4173


Suni Kasibhatla, At-Large Member
Customer Champion & Technology Leader, LinkedIn | 402.770.5266


Karen Bell-Dancy, At-Large Member
Executive Director, YWCA, 170 S. 17th St., Ste. 2E | 402.434.3494, Ext. 101


Randy Hawthorne, At-Large Member
Product Manager, NelNet,121 S.13th St. | 402.770.9098


Chris Lauer, At-Large Member
Loan Officer, Pinnacle Bank - Pine Lake, 7001 S 27th St. | 402.436.2462


Elton Edmond, At-Large Member
Executive Director, Mentoring Plus, 3801 Union Dr. | 402.430.6046


Monica Zinke, At-Large Member
Executive Director, Fresh Start – 6433 Havelock Ave, Lincoln, NE | 402.475.7777



Jason Varga, Executive Director

Kayla Kremke, Projects Coordinator


Most recent 990

2021-2022 Audit


The better we all know each other, the better we work together.Cause Collective facilitate partnerships, collaborates with its members and is a central information sharing center for nonprofits in Lincoln.


By providing nonprofits individual and group trainings throughout the year they become better and more efficient at running their business, and in turn their services to the community improve.


One of the most important things a nonprofit can do to help those they serve is advocate for them. We help nonprofits understand how to advocate and lobby to improve public policy, making a more supportive and stronger community.