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Cause Collective Advocacy

Part of Cause Collective's mission is to support its members through advocacy.   We do this by helping them understand the importance of advocacy, the difference between lobbying and advocacy, and by letting them know what is happening in the Legislature that is related to nonprofits and the clients they serve.

Cause Collective's Advocacy Policy and Procedures.
As a membership agency serving over 100 nonprofits, it is important we are able to use our strength in numbers to raise our voice for those in need.

Cause Collective's Top 25:

Below is our 'TOP 25' bills we found (after sifting through hundreds!) that we believe are of interest to our membership.  For more details on any of those bills or other bills you can visit:  https://nebraskalegislature.gov/bills/.   In the top right of that page, you can enter the bill number to read updated information or the complete bill.


LB #83 Wayne Prison Release Restores voting rights to citizens who have completed the terms of their
felony sentences. There is currently a two year waiting period.


LB #86 Wayne Poverty/Economic Stability Change provisions relating to the allocation of the Affordable Housing
Trust Fund and the collection and remittance of the documentary stamp tax
LB #110 Wishart Poverty/Economic Stability Permits Medical Cannibis Judiciary
LB #167 Hunt Mental/Physical Health and Substance Use Prohibits Conversion Therapy Judiciary

LB #174

Bolz Equal/Human Rights Additional funding for the Office of Violence Prevention to be used for
grants and evaluation
LB #255 McCollister

Poverty/Economic Stability

Increases SNAP eligibility HHS
LB #265 La Grone Poverty/Economic Stability Allows payday lenders to offer larger prinicipal loans with similiar
high interest rates
LB #328 Bolz Children/Family/Youth Nebraska Family First Act, which will impliment federal legislation that
funds services to prevent children from being removed from their homes
LB #330 Bolz Children/Family/Youth Reauthorizes and changes the struction of the Nebraska Children's Commission Exec Board
LB #402 Hilkemann Prison Release Poverty/Economic Stability Allows felons to qualify for SNAP benefits HHS
LB #424 Quick   Change the Nebraska Municipal Land Bank Act Urban Affairs
LB #433 Hansen, M Poverty/Economic Stability Change provisions relating to return of tenant's deposits and damages Judiciary
LB #434 Hansen, M Poverty/Economic Stability Change landlord and tenant provisions relating to three-day notice to
quit and to create a right of redemption for tenants
LB #435 Hansen, M Poverty/Economic Stability Change provisions relating to retaliatory conduct by a landlord Judiciary
LB #493 Wayne Poverty/Economic Stability Change provisions relating to property tax exemptions under the
Nebraska Housing Agency Act
LB #497 Friesen Poverty/Economic Stability One of the various tax bills.  This one would tax groceries. Revenue
LB #502 Hunt Immigrant/Refugees Adopt the Limited Immigration Inquiry Act Judiciary
LB #516 Pansing Brooks Children/Family/Youth Confirms that children who have been sex trafficked are recognized as
abused and neglected and therefore eligible for services and supports
provided by DHHS
LB #595 Albrecht Children/Family/Youth Change Office of Dispute Resolution to Office of Restorative Justice and
Dispute Resolution and change powers and duties of the office
At the request of the Nebraska State Court Administrator, Sen. Joni Albrecht
introduced LB 595 to amend the 1991 Dispute Resolution Act in order to incorporate
restorative justice into the Supreme Court’s Office of Dispute Resolution’s (ODR) mission
and purpose and to sustain its successful restorative justice pilot efforts conducted since 2015.
LB #627 Pansing Brooks Equality/Human Rights Prohibits employment discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity Judiciary
LB #628 Pansing Brooks Poverty/Economic Stability Increase the earned income tax credit Revenue
LB #631 Morfeld Mental/Physical Health and Substance Use Create the Medicaid Expansion Implementation Task Force Exec Board
LB #641 McDonnell   Provides for grants under the Telecommunication Relay System Act for a 211
Information and Referral Network
LB #689 Cavanaugh Equality/Human Rights Immigration/Refugees Prohibits discrimination by a seller or landlord on the basis of sexual orientation,
gender identity, or citizenship status in any real estate transaction or lease

LB #329 / 341

Bolz / Arch Poverty/Economic Stability Child care subsidy bills.  Both remove time limits on how long a family can
receive assistance.  LB 329 would increase income eligibilty